Talat Alaiyan Foundation

A free and dignified life devoid of constant fear for Palestinian, Israeli and German young people.

Meeting, Information Exchange, Reconciliation, Communication, Friendship

The Talat Alaiyan Foundation was founded in Saarbrücken in 2003 and was recognised as a charitable organisation in 2004.

The board members Dr. med. Halima Alaiyan, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Werner and RA Bernd Kock as well as many helpers work on a voluntary basis.

The foundation is based in Saarbrücken and Berlin. It is under the patronage of the Saarland’s premier, currently Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

The work of the Talat Alaiyan Foundation is made possible by sponsoring.
All donations are used to realise the foundation’s goals. All donors have access to the income and expenses records. The foundation is subject to supervision by the Interior Ministry, the foundation supervisory authority and the tax authorities.

The foundation actively promotes work for peace:

- Through information exchange, meeting, understanding

- Jewish, Muslim and Christian young people – girls and boys from Israel, Palestine and Germany –  are given the opportunity to meet and become friends,

-We promote mutual respect, religious tolerance and readiness for reconciliation.

People develop understanding for others by learning what everyday life is like for them, what they fear and what they hope for, what dreams and desires they have.

We want to take action and contribute to creating a secure homeland for the people in Israel and Palestine – for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike.

For our annual youth encounters we invite young people aged 12 to 18 from Israel and Palestine to spend a few weeks in Germany. The same number of young people is invited from either country. The Jewish or Muslim girls and boys have the opportunity to meet German children of Christian faith on neutral grounds, far away from religious conflict and without having to fear controls, oppression, war and terror.

This experience lays the foundations for mutual understanding and respect and for the ability to overcome conflicts.

Talking face to face with somebody who has been perceived as an opponent or even as an enemy, eating and playing with this person and questioning conflicts – for the young people this is an important experience which will shape their identities. Our youth encounters have built friendships across borders.

Most of the young people that participated once have kept in contact with each other as well as with the foundation until today.

The following activities are on the programme every year :

- Berlin Getting acquainted – a city that was divided for many years and has now been reunified – like (Jerusalem?) Bethlehem (?) and many other (?) Palestinian towns:
We visit the German Parliament and the Chancellery, symbols of democratic structures (State, Freedom, Justice and Equality for everybody, regardless of religion or place of origin).

We visit memorials to the persecution of the Jews (Holocaust Memorial, House of the Wannsee Conference, Wannsee [u1] S-Bahn station, Jewish Museum (?)
Visits to a synagogue, a mosque and a church aim at helping the young people develop tolerance and respect for the different religions.

- Visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp – Here, Israelis and Palestinians stand hand in hand. – Here, Palestinians begin to feel understanding for the Jews and their claim to a secure homeland. – Here, however, they also become aware that they, too, are entitled to a country of their own that they can call their homeland and where they can live securely. – Here, the young people learn they can trust each other, they begin to feel like brothers and sisters and they find the courage to think of a journey Israelis and Palestinians can take together.

- Visit to Verdun – the graves that result from hatred and war between Germany and France – We stroll across the border and learn what the bilateral relations are like today. This example lets us hope that someday the border between Israel and Palestine, too, will no longer be the cause of conflict and that the two countries will build peaceful relations.

- Visits to Luxembourg, Schengen and Strasbourg – The European institutions result from the union of states and the abolition of internal border controls in Europe. – Countries that used to be at enmity in the past now collaborate peacefully. This lets us hope that the same can be achieved by Israel and Palestine.

- The programme is complemented by joint discussions, sports and social events as well as joint leisure activities, which give young people and invited guests even more opportunities to learn to understand both the Israeli and the Palestinian point of view.

Inspired by the film „Dancing in Jaffa“ with Pierre Dulaine, „Dancing in Berlin“ is one of the foundation’s new projects. It aims at bringing together Jewish, Muslim and Christian young people aged 12 to 14 that live in Berlin with the purpose of overcoming prejudices.

The Talat Alaiyan Foundation is also building an international network of organisations that contribute to the process of overcoming prejudices and promote interpersonal and religious tolerance for the benefit of future generations.

Your donation supports our objectives!

Dr. Halima Alaiyan
Foundation Founder and Chairwoman


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