Jugendbegegnung zwischen Israelis, Palästinenser und Deutscher: Begegnung, Aufklärung, Austausch, Versöhnung und Freundschaft

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Minister of Saarland

Meeting, information exchange,reconciliation and friendship

Every year the Foundation invites boys and girlbested 16 and 18, Israeli (Jews, Christians and Muslims) and Palestinian(Christian and Muslim) young people to Germany where they meet young Germans (also Jews, Christians and Muslims). In some years, when we are financially able to do so, young people from France and Luxembourg are invited, too. The encounters are themed: liberty, security, respect and equal rights for everyone regardless of religion or origin.

The program shall fulfill the objectives of the foundation:

The main themes are the persecution and murder of German and European Jews (visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp), the history of Palestine and Israel, German, French and European history.

Together we will visit a synagogue, a church and a mosque. Particularly important are the visits to political institutions such as German Parliament, the Foreign Ministry, the Chancellery and representation of the countries with the Federation where the young peoples shall learn something about the structure of democratic countries. Sports and other free-time activities are part of the program, too.

Through daily, intensive conversations the young people learn about their respective daily lives, their fears and their concerns. After this exchange program the young people are remain in contact with each other via email or phone.

Also part of the project:

Financial support of the Children's Hospital of the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. In this hospital every child from Israel and Palestine is treated equally regardless of their religion and origin.
In this hospital Palestinian doctors are trained as pediatricians.